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Hey there, lovelies!

I feel like it's been eons since I did a beauty product review. If you've been following me for a long time you know that I'm a sucker for cushion foundations. The last cushion product I've reviewed was the Lancome Blanc Expert Cushion and if you want to know my thoughts about that cushion you can click on the link.

 This new Korean cushion I'm currently obsessing about is a cushion from a high-end brand by AmorePacific. It is the H E R A UV Mist Cushion. Hera is a high-end Korean brand that is said to be comparable to high-end Western brands such as YSL, Dior, Chanel and Hourglass. 

Here are my thoughts about this cushion:

As I've mentioned on my previous cushion review, cushion foundations are patented in Korea by a company called, AmorePacific, the same company who released the very first cushion foundation in Korea. That's the reason why cushion foundations are packaged similarly. Brands just basically differ in the formulation of the product and the designs in their packaging.
This particular cushion is made from sturdy plastic, with its brand and name on its pearlized cover. I like that it is made of shiny plastic material because I can easily clean it up when it gets dirty. The simplistic cover also gives the cushion a more elegant look. Personally, I prefer Hera's cushion design better than Lancome's.
Since this cushion is not the 2016 version (my review for the 2016 version will be up soon), the cushion sponge does not dispense the product evenly on the puff. This does not bother me anyway because what matters is blending the product evenly on your face. The box includes the case with the cushion inside and a 15g refill (Yay! 😍👏) therefore, you get 30ml of product with its price.

c/o althea.kr N for Natural Tone while C for Cover Tone

Hera offers 3 options for this line: Natural Tone,Cool Tone and Long lasting (not in photo). The Natural Tone has 4 shades while the other two only has 2 shades.

This cushion claims to be a multi-functional product: mist + foundation +sunblock+whitening+cooling effects. It instantly moisturizes and cools the skin because of its clay-mineral water ingredient which helps maintain the skin's moisture, reduce skin waste, dead skin and sebum. It blocks UV rays as well as prevents damage from oxidation and heat because of its Smart Layer UV Complex derived from its 4 kinds of sunflower seed oil, beta-carotene and tocopherol. This means it does not only protect the skin from the sun, but it also prevents the so-called, "photoaging".

It claims to be a whitening / anti-UV cosmetic while providing powerful long-lasting moisturizing effect for the skin because it contains hyaluronic acid and camellia oil.The Yarrow extract in it also helps get rid of dead skin cells to reveal smoother skin.

This cushion is dermatologist-tested and remains in excellent condition for 12mos after opening.

I love that this cushion has a yellow undertone and not the usual pink undertone that most Korean cushions have. It has a very light consistency thus providing a buildable coverage without looking cake-y. It claims to provide a cooling sensation on the skin which I haven't felt but maybe it's because I only use it in the morning after my skin care routine. Cleansing, toning and moisturizing makes my skin feel cold so I guess, that's why I don't feel the cooling effects of this product.

I use the cushion puff included because I believe that cushion foundations are meant to be applied on the skin using patting motions rather than buffed with a brush. It goes on the skin easily, blends like a dream and sets easily. It does feel hydrating on the skin and doesn't get sticky throughout the day.

If you're sensitive with scents, this one may not be for you. It has a faint floral scent which I didn't really notice until I sniffed the sponge. Every time I use it, I don't really notice its scent so it doesn't really bother me.

coverage after 2 layers
This cushion provides a buildable coverage. It doesn't cake up even when I apply several layers to try and cover up my blemishes. When I apply a second layer, it does an excellent job in covering my dark undereyes, hyperpigmentation and pimple marks. Because of its moisturizing benefits, it did not emphasize any dry patches in my skin.

I always purchase the darkest shade in every Korean cushions I've tried. Despite that, they still seem too light for me upon application. For this cushion, I purchased C23 which is Cover Tone #23, the darkest shade with high coverage. However, it still looked very light on me. But since it oxidizes a bit throughout the day, it slowly matched my face and neck.

 I find it annoying to keep removing hair off my face and who knows what other stuff that sticks to my it throughout the day. That is why I like how this cushion doesn't feel sticky and gives a matte to semi-matte finish which is uncommon for a Korean cushion.

This product has excellent sebum control properties. It was able to keep my face matte even after 5-6 hours! However, if you have really oily skin and live in a humid country, a mattifying powder and blotting papers will be your best friends. Compared to the Lancome cushion, this one does not cling on to the dry patches on my face and provides better coverage (upon layering) that lasts throughout the day.

I am in love with this cushion foundation. The quality of this cushion is outstanding. You can tell from the formulation and how it looks and feels that it is a high-end product. Its coverage is excellent. It makes it seem like my face is poreless. The wear and oil-control properties are fantastic. It is definitely by far the best cushion foundation I have ever tried. I completely understand why even though it is on the pricey-side, it's one of the best-selling cushions in Korea. And I find it very convenient that when you buy the product, everything else you need is included in the box.

 I can only think of 2 cons for this cushion: (1) it is not transfer-proof and (2) it has limited shade range. Sadly, if you have medium to dark skin tone, you might not have a shade for this line. 

 If you're thinking of getting a high-end Western cushion, I highly suggest that you try this cushion instead. Its definitely worth its price!


Hope you like this post. Have you also purchased this cushion foundation? Let me know your thoughts about it in the comment section below. 

Have a great day everyone!

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  1. I've never tried a cushion foundation, but it sounds really interesting. I tend to prefer liquids, as they work best with my dry skin, but I won't know if a cushion foundation works for me unless I try it. Xx

    Tania | When Tania Talks

    1. Most cushion foundation actually works best for dry skin types because of their dewy finish. I suggest Korean cushions. Most of their shade range are compatible for light to fair skin tones. Hope you get to try one and like it. :)