Is It Worth the Hype? Lancome Blanc Expert Cushion Foundation

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Lancome Blanc Expert Cushion Foundation

Hey lovelies!

Those of you reading my blog would know that I am obsessed with cushion foundations! I realized that all the cushions I've tried are from Korea so I thought maybe it's time for me to check out Western brand cushions. 

As you all know, Lancome is probably the first Western brand to release their very own cushion foundation. But did you know that cushion foundation is patented in Korea? It's patented by a Korean company called, AmorePacific, the same company who released the very first cushion foundation in Korea. That's the reason why cushion foundations all look the same. Even this Lancome Cushion is made in Korea! 
Lancome Blanc Expert Cushion Foundation
I have been curious about Western brand cushions and I read a lot of mixed reviews regarding the L'oreal and Maybelline cushions. That's why I decided to get this one instead. 

Here's my review of this cushion:

Lancome Blanc Expert Cushion Foundation

Lancome Blanc Expert Cushion Foundation

As I mentioned earlier, the Korean company, Amore Pacific has patented cushion foundations which is the reason why more or less cushion foundations have similar packaging. It comes in a white, plastic case with Lancome's classy rose logo at the center its case. It has a built-in mirror, a cushion puff with the brand's name on it and the cushion sponge which contains the product inside. Comparing the sponge to the Korean ones I have, Lancome's sponge is significantly softer. Because of this, I suggest you use a light hand when you press the cushion puff on it, as it dispenses the foundation easily.

Lancome Blanc Expert Cushion Foundation
However, unlike the Korean cushions that I have tried, Lancome sells the plastic case and the cushion foundation separately. Also, unlike its high-end Korean counterparts, it doesn't come with a free refill. What's more disappointing is that with the amount you pay, you get lesser product (14g) than the Korean brands (15g or 30g including the free refill).

Lancome Blanc Expert Cushion Foundation
 Lancome claims this cushion to be hydrating, cooling, brightening and protecting as it unifies and sublimates complexion (I'm guessing it evens out skin tone??). It has an SPF 23 PA ++ which means it protects your skin from both UVB and UVA rays. It also claims to deliver buildable coverage with a weightless feel that will keep your complexion bright all day. It is non comedogenic, designed for Asian skin and is suitable even for those with sensitive skin. It remains in good condition for 12mos after opening the product.

Lancome Blanc Expert Cushion Foundation

Since this foundation is formulated for and tested on Asian skin, I love that it has a yellow undertone unlike the usual pink undertone most Korean cushions have. It has a very light consistency, which is probably why it is buildable without looking cake-y on your face. It claims to provide cooling sensation on the skin but I honestly do not feel my skin feeling cool and refreshed when I apply it in the morning or when I retouch in the afternoon.

Like any cushion foundation, I use the cushion puff included because I believe that cushion foundations are meant to be applied on the skin using patting motions rather than buffed with a brush. It goes on the skin easily, blends like a dream and sets easily. It does feel hydrating and doesn't feel sticky or tacky after application. However, if you have oily skin, blotting paper is your bestfriend throughout the day.

If you're sensitive with scents, this one may not be for you. It has a faint floral, rosy scent which disappears after a while. Personally, I like its scent. Usually, by the time I finish my make up base, I don't notice it anymore.

Lancome Blanc Expert Cushion Foundation
This cushion has a light-medium coverage and like what it claims, it is buildable. It doesn't cake up even when I apply several layers to try and cover up my blemishes. However, when it comes to my dark undereyes, hyperpigmentation and pimple marks, I still need to use a concealer. Also, I notice that it tends to emphasize the dry patches around my nose area.
Lancome Blanc Expert Cushion Foundation

Since the shade I have is too light for me, it naturally has a brightening effect on my skin. However, it does oxidize a bit throughout the day so it slowly matches my face and neck.

Upon application, I notice that it doesn't feel sticky unlike Korean cushions I've tried which is great. I find it annoying to keep removing hair off my face and who knows what other stuff sticks to my face throughout the day. Initially, it gives you a satin finish---not dewy, not matte. It's a perfect balance between the two. It also tends to cling on to the dry patches on my face so if you have dry skin, a good moisturiser is a must before you apply it.

This product doesn't claim to control oil so I have no expectation about its oil control properties. However, because I have a combo skin type and probably because of the humidity in my country, it tends to look dewy bordering to oily throughout the day. After 2 hours, it starts to look dewy and remains dewy throughout the day. I guess, it's not a big problem as long as you set your make up with a good mattifying powder. If you have combo or oily skin type, blotting papers will be your best friend. I actually like its finish because it makes my skin look glowy as long as I mattify my T-zone area. But if you have dry skin and have a nice chilly weather in your country, this cushion would just be perfect for you.

To be honest, I love this cushion foundation. You can tell from the formulation and how it looks and feels that it is a high-end product. I think it is far better than any Korean drugstore cushion I've tried (Etude House Mineral Cushion, The Face Shop CC Aura Cushion and Chica Y Chico Mat Fix). However, what really puts me off about it is the price. You pay separately for the cushion case and the product (Cushion case costs Php 600 while cushion refill costs Php 1,850.00). Both costs a lot of money and you only get 14g of product! 
Lancome Blanc Expert Cushion Foundation
Aside from my beef with its price, I washed its cushion puff once and while rinsing it, the puff was ruined. So I guess, it's not as sturdy as the Korean cushion puffs I had because I can wash and rewash them without ruining them. 

Therefore, as much as I love this cushion foundation, I will not repurchase it. I would rather get a high end foundation with 30ml of product and pay the same amount than repurchase this. If I want a cushion foundation like this, maybe I'll just purchase a Lancome foundation or other high end foundation then turn it into a cushion foundation.

Have you also purchased this cushion foundation? What high-end cushion do you love? Let me know your thoughts about it in the comment section below. 

Have a great day gorgeous!

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  1. I'm interested to try this as it looks like the coverage and finish are great! - Amy x

    1. It is definitely better than drugstore Korean cushions. I love how it wears throughout the day but it does get a bit oily so a good mattifying powder is a must! I would really love this cushion if only I get my money's worth and get like a free refill with it. I mean 14g of product?? -.-