Finally, a Korean Matte Cushion for Oily Skin Gals!!!

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chica y chico mat fix cushion

Hey lovelies!
 I am currently obsessing about cushion foundations and have been trying several products from Korea to America. I must say that I prefer Korean cushions than their American counterpart however, I just don't like how dewy and glowy they are on my already oily face.

Most Korean cushions have a moist, glowy, dewy finish. It's great if you have dry skin but, if you have oily or combo skin, you may not appreciate those cushions. 

I think Korean beauty companies have realized the need to come up with a cushion that caters to oily skin gals like myself and came up with several matte cushions. I recently discovered this Korean brand, Chica Y Chico that came up with an affordable matte cushion. Their cushion is more affordable than the cushions from Etude House, The Face Shop, Missha, etc. (610php or around 20AUD / 15$)

chica y chico mat fix cushion

The cushion comes in a sleek, matte black case. Just like a typical Korean brand cushion, it has 15g of product and comes with a rubicell puff and a built-in mirror. Some brands have a refill included in their product, this one does not. :(

chica y chico mat fix cushion


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This cushion has a bit of a scent. It does not remind me of anything in particular but it does have a chemical-like scent to it that doesn't last long.

chica y chico mat fix cushion swatch
Like most Korean cushions, this foundation has more of a pinkish undertone than a yellow undertone (although it may seem yellowish in this photo). The sponge that holds its cushion is kinda hard when you press down and it doesn't distribute the product evenly on the sponge.
chica y chico mat fix cushion
I only apply 1 layer every time I use this cushion because I find 2 layers make me look ghostly pale.  Make sure that you moisturize your face like crazy prior application because it tends to emphasize the dry areas of your face. It settles quickly so I suggest you apply it on sections of your face first then immediately blend it. Because once it settles, it will not budge. 

Also, although it claims to be a matte cushion, it's not completely matte. It has a semi-matte finish which makes your skin look glowy but not dewy like most Korean cushions. I apply a setting powder on the super areas of my face and it helps tone down the glowy effect of the cushion. I don't apply powder on my cheeks because I like the sheen it gives when light hits my face, making me look like I have highlighter on but I really don't. :) 
chica y chico mat fix cushion

poshmakeupnstuff.blogspot: chica y chico mat fix cushion

 The product has light - medium coverage and has a very faint scent that disappears upon application. It doesn't do well in covering dark under-eyes and pimple scars. Unless you layer it on (which I don't like). There are only two shades available in their range #21 Light Beige and #23 Medium Beige. I bought the darkest shade, which may still look pretty light for those with medium to dark skin tone. My face is darker than my neck so I like how it lightens my face to match my neck. This stuff lasts all day on my face despite sweat and grease. 

The photo taken in front of natural light after 1 layer. It looks really light on my face but it oxidizes after some time. 

I have been using this product for a month now and I think this is a very good everyday cushion in the summer. Although it claims to have a cooling effect, upon application, I don't notice any cooling sensation on my face. It was around 26C outside and I was sweating like a pig when I noticed my face looking shiny. I didn't have any blotting paper, tissue and powder with me at the time (because I was just out for a quick errand). Good thing the place I went to has a nice cool air-conditioned room, so my body was able to cool down. On my way back home, I took a selfie and that's how my face looked (under natural light) despite the grease and sweat on my face earlier (without blotting).

When I got home, I blotted my face with a tissue and found the pigment transferred on it. But once blotted, my foundation looked nice again. This cushion lasts for hours on my face so I don't really need touch ups through out the day, just a little blotting paper/tissue and powder is enough to make it look good all day.

If you work in a cold environment / work in an air-conditioned office, this cushion will look great all day on you!

Have you tried any matte cushions? I wanna know what matte cushions you have tried and how you find them by leaving a comment below.

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Have a great day, everyone!

If you're interested in getting this product, look for it on any online Korean beauty store or you can check out this site where I ordered it from:
You can use the code: "poshmakeupnstuff " for an additional discount.

If you're outside of Ph. You can get it here: Yesstyle

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