Beauty Tip: Face De-Puffing Technique

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beauty tip: de-puff face with green tea

Hey gorgeous!

I think y'all have seen Kate Moss' beauty tip of plunging her face in a sink full of ice-cold water with cucumber slices. I have a similar tip which involves less water and includes Green Tea instead of cucumber. This means aside from de-puffing my face I get to have skin nourishing goodness as well.

All you need are the following:
beauty tip: de-puff face with green tea

 a bowl, 2 green tea sachets (the fresher the better), some ice, some cotton pads and 2 spoons

Step 1
To de-puff my eyes, I dip the 2 spoons in the cool bowl of Green Tea. Once they're cold enough, I place the spoons on my eyes for about 30 seconds to a minute.

Step 2
Next, I soak around 3 cotton pads with the cold water from the bowl. Then I place them on my forehead and cheeks. I leave them there for around 5 minutes then proceed with my skin care. On mornings when I have more time, I leave the cotton pads on longer for my skin to absorb all its goodness. 

Why Green Tea (c/o WebMD)

1. It has antioxidants.  
Experts say that among other teas, green tea has the most potent antioxidants. Antioxidants counteract the negative effects of free radicals. These free radicals are by-products of the body that can lead to damage to our cells and tissues. Antioxidants work by binding to these harmful free radicals and deactivating them before they can cause damage to our body. So not only does this beauty tip make you look more rested, it also helps smooth out our skin and prevent wrinkles! 

2. It is rich in Polyphenols.
Green tea is said to possess large amounts of polyphenols. These have been proven to have antioxidant, anti-cancer, anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties. You know what this means, bye-bye blemishes and hello clear skin!

3. It also contains Catechins.
Green tea has a lot of polyphenols and most of it are catechins. These Catechins are antioxidants that are said to have an anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer properties. Studies have shown that it has the most effective ingredient against skin inflammation and cancerous changes in the skin.

I replaced Kate Moss' cucumber slices with Green tea because I find that my skin needs more of the good stuff from Green tea than with cucumber slices. The cold water makes my skin contract and tighten which is always helpful on mornings when I need to look more rested and awake. This tip is very useful for the night-owls like myself who tends to stay up all night.

Hope you try out this beauty tip and let me know if you it works for you or not.

Have a great day everyone!

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  1. ooooh ive never thought of using green tea like this! such a cool post xx

    1. It is also quite effective in helping me with my blemishes. I keep it in my fridge BUT make sure to replace it after 2 days bec it goes bad. 😊