Quick Mascara Tip

5:20:00 PM

Hi lovelies! Here's a quick beauty tip for you. Want dramatic lashes without falsies? 

thick lashes beauty tip

My secret is to apply not just 2 coats of mascara but to apply a LOT of coats. I'll show you what my lashes look like with 10 & 30 coats of mascara. You can stop with 10 coats but I usually do 30 depending on the formulation of the mascara I'm using.

  l'oreal miss manga false lashes mascara

Just make sure to remove all your make up at the end of the day. Mascaras tend to make our eyelashes  dry and weak if it stays on too long.

Hope you enjoyed this quick tip. Let me know how this tip worked for you. If you want to know my other beauty tips, click on the link here.

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