My 5 Long Distance Relationship Tips

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My 5 Long Distance Relationship Tips

Long distance relationship can work. I know it can be tough. But like all things, it is also possible to work. I have been in a long distance relationship since January and remains happily in love until today. So trust me when I say it can work. How do we make it work? 

Here are some tips that my boyfriend and I have learned throughout this experience:

1. Have a good communication.
Having good communication does not only mean talking frequently or having something to talk about. Good communication is so much more than these two. It involves being open and comfortable enough to share everything to your partner. Even if that means becoming vulnerable, you have to trust them. Open up. Don't keep things to yourself. Your partner is not a mind-reader. Let them know what's in your head. 

I am lucky to have all those in my relationship. My boyfriend and I communicate daily. Every day he calls me via Skype when he comes home from work and sometimes even while driving (using speakers of course) to work. We stay online until we go to bed and go to work again. Sometimes, we eat meals while online. We talk about everything. Our day, thoughts, fears, desires, dreams even random things like what we eat and do.  Any information we gather about each other makes us feel more connected to each other. 

2. Skype is your best friend
Being in a long distance relationship will make Skype your best friend. With distance, Skype is our main tool to communicate. Aside from talking and being able to see each other, Skype also allows us to watch series and  movies together. You can spice things up by having dinners at the same time or being naughty or flirty. Play your songs in the background and serenade each other. Avoid monotony and be creative.

3. Know the value of your relationship
How important is he/she to you? What qualities does he/she possess that you love? What is special in your relationship? Why choose to commit with him/her over others? Reflect on your answers to these questions. Remind yourself of your answers when things get too hard for you. When things get too hard for me, it helps to think that being apart from him is better than not having him in my life at all. 

Keeping these things in your mind will help you get through hardships in your relationships. Knowing what you have will teach you not to lose sight of the value of the person you are with right now. 

4. Make each other feel loved
Since you know the value of your partner, do not take them for granted. People grow tired when they are unappreciated. How do you make them feel loved? Sometimes little things are the ones that hold much value. When you think about them randomly while working, send them a quick message. They will appreciate the gesture. I know you would (wink wink). 

Make them feel wanted, desired, cared for....loved. Exert effort into the relationship. One night, my boyfriend surprised me with food delivered at my door when I was too busy with work and haven't had dinner yet (Sweet right? ^^). 

Making them feel loved leaves no room for doubts in your relationship. And for some couples, having doubts and not the distance is the reason their relationship did not work out.

Distance does not hinder you from expressing your love and concern for each other. Remind them to get lunch, wish them a good day, send them funny photos. You can get countless ideas from YouTubeDon't feel hindered because of the distance. Take it as a challenge to be creative. You can express your love for them in so many ways.

5. Set goals for your relationship
Having short-term and long-term goals are necessary for all relationships. Despite all the tips in the world, long distance relationships can only work for so long. You cannot be apart forever. Having something to look forward to in your relationship keeps you motivated each day. I like to think that each day we are apart brings him one day closer to being with him again.

Short-term goals are easier and quicker to achieve such as seeing each other after several months or having a Skype date on certain days. It brings quick satisfaction to the longing you experience before you can achieve your long-term goal. 

And you probably know what I mean when I say long-term goal. Hoping for the day when you get to spend the rest of your lives together. 

Thank you for reading this post. This means a lot to me. If you are in a long distance relationship or are considering being in one, I hope you share your thoughts and experiences on the comments section. Some of these tips actually came from my boyfriend so if you want more tips just leave a comment because he has so much more to say. Lol. Hope you enjoyed this post and check out another life lesson post of mine here.

Have a good day, everyone!

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  1. Long distance relationships are also very sweet and tough. In these kinds of relationship we need strong patience and high level of dedication, trust and faith; otherwise we are facing broke relationship issues. So we need to take good steps to protect our long distance relationships and from here we should learn some quality tips on long distance relationship.
    Relationship Coach

    1. +SHANE MORENO I completely agree with you that's why I hope these tips can help a lot of couples engaged in a long distance relationship. Being in one myself, I know how hard it is to be apart every day from the person you love.

  2. I've been in a long distance relationship with my best friend since the start of the year (he went to uni last year). It's a very love/hate thing for us, it's difficult being apart but it makes any time we get together so meaningful! He's actually coming home for Halloween, and I'm so excited to see him! X

    1. Awww! That's so sweet! I hope you two have a wonderful time together when he comes home. I wish you happiness in your relationship and hopefully you guys get to finally be together for good.