First-aid Pimple Fix

7:25:00 PM

Hi lovelies! Have a special date coming up but woke up with a huge pimple? 

Don't worry for I am here to save your day. I will share to you my most effective emergency fix for your zit. 👍 You don't even have to look far from your home. All you need are cotton buds/Q-tips, Hydrogen Peroxide or some Iodine solution (such as Betadine) and you're ready to zap that zit.💁

Just follow these easy, fool-proof steps:
1. Soak a Q-tip or cotton bud in Hydrogen Peroxide.
2. Dab the Q-tip/bud on that sucker. 

Always start with a clean face and to clean up the solution after a couple of minutes and apply a moisturizer to prevent further drying your skin.

Soooo what's the science behind its effectivity? Let's start with the expert's definition of pimples.

What is acne?

 Acne begins when oil mixes with dead cells camera.gif and clogs the skin's pores. Bacteria can grow in this mixture. And if this mixture leaks into nearby tissues, it causes swelling, redness, and pus. A common name for these raised bumps is pimples. -- WebMD

Why Hydrogen Peroxide?

"Hydrogen peroxide is a mild antiseptic used on the skin to prevent infection of minor cuts, scrapes, and burns. This product works by releasing oxygen when it is applied to the affected area. The release of oxygen causes foaming, which helps to remove dead skin and clean the area." - WebMD

Therefore, not only does it help murder those acne-causing bacteria, it also helps exfoliate your skin by getting rid of your dead skin cells.Hydrogen Peroxide is also effective in preventing the spread of bacteria by killing bacterial spores as well. Not bad for a bleaching agent, eh?!

Why Betadine?

Betadine which has a generic name of Povidone Iodine and "is used to prevent and treat infection. It is a germicide, sometimes known as an antiseptic. It is used as an antiseptic for skin that is infected or that is likely to become infected. Povidone iodine works by slowly releasing iodine which kills or prevents the growth of bacteria, fungi and viruses. In general this drug is used to prevent or treat infection in wounds including ulcers, burns, cuts, minor surgical procedures and other minor injuries." - WebMD

So basically, similar to Hydrogen Peroxide, Povidine Iodine is also an effective solution in killing acne-causing bacteria on skin.

If you're interested on how it worked on my zit here's a before and after photo. Don't scroll down if easily disgusted. 

Be warned!

Woke up yesterday with an angry pus on my huge pimple (Don't you just hate that?). And after 2 days of doing this remedy, my pimple dried up soo fast.

Take note that I do not recommend the two in treating serious acne problems. Consult with a dermatologist for that. I also do not recommend you to use these if you have allergies with any of them.

Let me know on the comment section below if you tried this tip and if it worked for you or didn't. ^^

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