Simple Things My Boyfriend Does That Make Me Happy

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How many chick flicks/shows have you watched where the guy does this grand gesture and wins the heart of the girl afterwards? I blame these chick flicks and shows for influencing us into wanting the same thing. But while the grand gesture has yet to happen to me, it doesn't mean I don't appreciate the small ones my boyfriend does for me.

I am making this appreciation post and tagging some bloggers to make their own version of this post to spread the love. I think it will be fun reading the things they come up with. So let's start with mine shall we?

1. He keeps me well-fed.
One time, I was trying to meet a deadline for work and didn't realize how late it was and haven't had dinner yet. I was surprised when the doorbell rang and food was delivered to me. Apparently, when my bf found out that I haven't had dinner yet, he ordered food for me. I appreciate that he constantly checks up on me and makes sure that I don't neglect myself. 

2. He shares his food.
Eating is probably one of our favorite bonding activity and I like tasting different kinds of food with him. I really love him for sharing his food and that I can eat off his plate  or drink from his cup without him getting annoyed about it. 

3. He's a gentleman.
Chivalry is not dead, ladies. One time we got caught up in the rain so there were puddles everywhere and one was too big for me to skip from. I was willing to get my feet wet but he suddenly carried me instead. He still opens doors for me, helps me carry stuff, etc. His mum taught him well. ^.^

4. He does silly things when we're alone.
I really enjoy his sense of humor and he just does silliest things that makes me laugh. He does a lot of weird faces or does random silly things which is why he is just so adorable and fun to be with.

5. He helps me with chores.
I don't even have to ask him. He usually volunteers to help me around on chores like cooking or cleaning up after each meal.

6. He makes me some Hot Choco or Tea at night.
This one is similar to keeping me well-fed. At night, he usually gives me a warm drink before bedtime.

7. He makes sure I'm always comfortable.
My body's really bad in regulating my temperature which means, I am constantly cold. Whenever he would notice that, he would either lend me his jumper, warm up my hands or at night he would make sure that I'm cozy under the duvet. 

8. He's my personal cheerleader.
He's very encouraging. I didn't want to let him know that I have a blog because I was scared he would make fun of it. It took him months to finally convince me to let him see it. When he did, he was very encouraging and helpful that he even got me a new camera to improve my blogging game. It really touches my heart when he says that I have the potential to be greater than who I am now and that I should learn to believe myself the way he believes in me.

9. He's very affectionate.
I thought I was an affectionate person until I met him. He's an uber-affectionate man. He loves all kinds of affection from holding hands, hugging, kissing to squeezing me to death. Lol.

10. He watches my girly, mushy movies with me.
Not all guys like romantic movies or rom-coms, but with my guy, he does what I say. Lol. I will never forget the time when we watched, "Me Before You". The movie has ended and I was still upset at the ending. When I looked at him, tears were rolling down his cheeks. It was so funny and sweet! 

Basically, I love how sensitive he is and that he's very unselfish when it comes to me. That's why I know he's a keeper and love him so much.

Thank you for reading this post. I hope you enjoyed it. Share the small things your bf/partner does that you love as well. Let me know about them on the comment section below.
Have a great day!

*photo credits: Yahoo Images

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