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nature republic bamboo charcoal mud pack

Hey lovelies! 

Charcoal masks have been popular months ago and I've been seeing girls rave about it on YouTube. I've seen some not so nice experience of girls with peel-off charcoal masks and some failed DIYs and I thought I don't want to put my skin in such distress. Besides, charcoal masks are affordable anyway so I don't see the point of DIY Charcoal Masks and decided to get one instead. 

Since I love Korean masks, I decided to get a wash-off typed Charcoal Mud Mask and found one from Nature Republic. Nature Republic is probably popular for their Soothing and Moisturing 92% Aloe Vera Gel which has reached around 30 million sales worldwide. I have tried several of their skin care products so I decided to try this mud pack as well. 

I've been using it for months now and finally decided it's enough time for me to come up with a decent review.

nature republic bamboo charcoal mud pack
Unlike other mud packs I've seen in the market, this one comes in a green plastic tube. Since you have to squeeze the product out of it, I find that it is more hygienic and you're guaranteed to get fresh product each use. I am not a big fan of masks that come in jars or tubs for these reasons. However, because it is a MUD mask, it does tend to take a bit of effort in squeezing it out since it has a thick consistency.
nature republic bamboo charcoal mud pack

When I bought it from the store, it doesn't come with any box so all the information you need is at the back of the tube. Take note that half of the description is in Korean but it is translated to English as well. You get 150g of product for the price of Php375 (around 10AUD or 9$) which is a lot considering I've been using it more than 10x (better bargain than the L'oreal Clay Masks) and I've only used up half of it.

nature republic bamboo charcoal mud pack

Nature republic is popular for using natural and organic ingredients but it doesn't mean you can't get an allergic reaction from them. It's not indicated whether this was dermatologist-tested and they did caution to stop using immediately if signs of irritation or rash appears.

 Let's get nerdy (You can skip this):
Main ingredients indicate that it has Charcoal powder, Kaolin and Bentonite. It also has other fruit extracts (such as Cranberry and Blueberry) which probably provides some antioxidant and nourishing benefits as well.

Research claims charcoal to be good in removing dirt and impurities. It is used in water purification systems so if it's good for purifying water then it's good enough for our skin! Activated charcoal powder easily adsorbs (yes, adsorbs) impurities from the environment thus it must be stored in a tightly sealed container. This is why I like how this product from Nature Republic comes in a Tube and not a tub because everytime you open a tub you expose the product into the enviroment (Such as Elizavecca Carbonated Bubble Clay Mask which I think is quite gimmicky...and also the L'oreal Clay Masks).

Charcoal is found to be very beneficial to skin because of its properties. It has the ability to attract substances that are a thousand times its own weight to its surface and hold them there -- a process called adsorption. Because of this process, these harmful substances are rendered harmless or ineffective. To read more about these benefits of Charcoal, click on the link here. 

Kaolin can be found in a lot of facial masks for its ability to purify, nourish, soothe and heal different skin types. It can help enhance blood circulation and in the elimination of wastes and toxins. Because of this property, it is good in detoxifying the skin. It is said to be good for both oily and dry skin as it helps reduce production of sebum and at the same time mineralizing the dry areas of the skin. Read more about Kaolin here.

Bentonite just like Kaolin, also contains the mineral montmorillonite--crystals found in volcanic ash. It has been used for its ability to prevent or treat facial blemishes and minor abscesses. When mixed with water and applied on skin, it helps constricts the skin which helps push out the impurities while providing anti-bacterial benefits as well. For more benefits of Bentonite, click here.

nature republic bamboo charcoal mud pack
Since it is a mud pack, the consistency of the product is quite mud 😉. Despite the thick consistency, it is quite easy to spread on the face. It doesn't have any scent to it which is probably because of the charcoal (a natural deodorizer, it tends to get rid of odors as well).

I like how this product comes in a tube which is very hygienic and preserves the product inside longer than mud pacts in tubs. I've tried other clay masks in tubs before and find it annoying how the texture changes after several months because of exposure to air. I like that this mask is easy to apply and that its texture and consistency has never changed since I opened it.
nature republic bamboo charcoal mud pack
I like to prep my skin before using this: I wash my face first then open up my pores by exposing my face to steam (make sure not to burn yourself) before applying this mud pack. It doesn't take long for it to completely dry unless you apply it thickly. Notice that it changes its color from dark gray to ash gray as it dries. As it dries, it gets harder to move your face making you realize how it would probably feel like if you've had botox injections 😉😇.
nature republic bamboo charcoal mud pack
When it comes to its other product claims I think it's best to refer to the photos below for reference.

nature republic bamboo charcoal mud pack
Notice the difference on the size of my pores! It does a good job in making my skin feel smoother and sebum-free after each use. When it comes to blackheads removal, it does an average job since it did not get rid of everything. Some still remain especially on the tip of my nose. I guess, that would be the advantage of peel-off masks, they tend to be more effective in blackheads removal.
nature republic bamboo charcoal mud pack
My skin looks a bit red after each use, either from the improved blood circulation from the Kaolin or because of the lukewarm water I used in rinsing it off 😉. But in both photos you can see the reduction of my pore size.

Overall, I find this product an average mud pack. I would love it if it was more effective in removing blackheads but I find that it is more effective in minimizing pores and controlling sebum. If oily skin and large pores are your problems, then you might love this mud pack.

According to their website, they have recently repackaged this line and reformulated it as a peel-off mask. 
If you're into charcoal peel-off masks then maybe you can check the new one out. I think the new line may be more effective in removing blackheads since they're peel-off masks. Personally, I try to stay away from peel-off masks so maybe I'll try other charcoal mud masks. Still I'm quite satisfied with this product which is pretty decent for its price.

Hope you liked this review. Have you tried this mud pact or do you prefer peel-off ones? If you can suggest a good mud pact, let me know on the comment section below. Have a great day!

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  1. I loce charcoal masks and I prefer too if a nask comes in a tube instead of a jar. Tybe makes the process easier and safer to use in longterm.


    1. I agree! 😊 I learned this from experience when I used to have a clay mask in a tub and after several months the texture and consistency changed. Sucks that I had to throw it away because I couldn't apply it on my face anymore.

  2. It seems a nice product in a very good price!! I think I'll give this a try

    1. Yes, it's very effective in making my skin feel smoother and oil-free after each use. And like I said, I like that it comes in a tube that keeps the product sealed in longer unlike the others that come in a tub/jar. However, they may have a different packaging now. 😊

  3. Awesome review! I've only ever tried one mud pack mask, the one from Queen Helene.
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