Product Review: MUFE Rouge Artist Intense (Matte) Lipstick

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Matte lipsticks have been trendy for some time now and it seems like people aren't getting tired of them yet. I admit that I gravitate towards matte lipsticks more than glossy ones because they generally last longer on my lips. However, I just hate how matte lipsticks dry out my lips after hours of wearing them. I found out that regardless if it's drugstore or high-end, the best way to deal with them is to slather your lips with lip balm before application.

I have previously reviewed a drugstore matte lipstick that I like (click here if you want to check out my review) and this time I want to share with you my review on a high-end matte lipstick.

According to Make Up For Ever's website, the Rouge Artist Intense Lipstick is "a lipstick saturated with pigments for an intense result. Available in 50 shades with 3 different finishes, it will suit your everyday mood. Natural or sexy, the Rouge Artist Intense lasts all day and leaves your lips soft and moisturized." It is also dermatologist-tested and the 3 finishes are Matte, Pearl and Satin. Each tube offers 3.5g amount of product in it.  Sephora's website claims it is formulated without parabens and has 50% more pigment than a regular lipstick.

I have 2 shades in this line which are Mat 8 and Mat 5 as shown below:

Keep in mind that the colors at the bottom end of each tube is not an accurate representation of the actual shade of the lipsticks. 

Mat 8 is a matte bright red shade while Mat 5 is a matte violet pink shade. I guess you certainly get what you paid for because just one stroke of these lipsticks gives off intense color. I swatched the lipsticks on the back of my hand and see how pigmented both are from the photo below:

The pigmentation of these lipstick reminds me of the Wet N Wild Matte Lipsticks. I swatched WnW's 912C In The Flesh on the back of my hand to compare its pigmentation to MUFE's Mat 5 as shown in the photo below. The pigmentation seems similar at first but upon closer inspection, MUFE is definitely more pigmented than the drugstore brand.

Above: WnW's 912C In The Flesh
Below: MUFE's Mat 5

Now let's see its pigmentation on the lips and test its longevity as well.

I only had lip balm on and did not apply any lipliner to show its true color on my lips and to test its longevity as well. It is definitely very pigmented that I only need one swipe to have intense color appear on my lips. It glides on smoothly and feels creamy upon application as well. It does not feel tacky nor sticky. The photos show what Mat 5 looks like on my lips with just one swipe.

After several hours, I decided to check on my lipstick. The photos below show what it looks like on my lips after eating and drinking. I had to blot my lips beforehand since I had an oily dish for lunch ^^.

You can see from the photos above that despite eating and drinking, the pigmentation has barely faded. It still feels creamy and comfortable on my lips after around 3 hours of wear.

Around 4hrs after its application, here's what it looks like on my lips.

The color has faded after around 4 hours of wear (considering lunch and drinks). However, there is still enough pigmentation to show its shade and cover my natural lip color. I like how it fades after hours of wear since its shade is similar to my natural lip color. It can go on another hour before reapplication is needed. However, if you eat and drink frequently, reapplication is needed within 3 hours.

It still feels comfortable on my lips despite being matte. After 4 hours, it hasn't dried out my lips nor showed signs of flaking unlike MAC Matte Lipsticks. Speaking of MAC, their lipsticks have a certain sweet fragrance that reminds me of vanilla, however, these MUFE ones do not.

After 4 hours, I removed Mat 5 on my lips with a makeup remover, applied lip balm then applied Mat 8 on my lips. Mat 5 could go an hour longer before reapplication is needed however, for the purpose of this review I had to remove it for Mat 8. Similar with Mat 5, I didn't use any lipliner to show its true color and test its longevity.

Here's what Mat 8 looks like on my lips (excuse the hair strand ^^).

I kissed the back of my hand to test if these mattes are transfer-proof and sadly it isn't. 

I have used both lipsticks several times before and I generally prefer Mat 5 shade more than Mat 8 for the reason that it looks better on my lips as it wear for hours. With Mat 8, I notice that it tends to dry out my lips and form flakes after 5 hours. If you eat and drink frequently, it will stay around 3hrs before reapplication is needed. Since Mat 8 is a bright red color, it is very obvious when it starts to fade and bleed. 

1 1/2 hour later (with more drinking), here's what it looks like:

After 3 hours, here's what it looks like on my lips:


Within those 3 hours, I have eaten another oily meal and was keeping myself hydrated constantly. I blotted my lips before taking these photos. As you can see, it pretty much wore off on the center of my lips. More pigment is still left on the borders of my lips but it has definitely faded. Also, pigment tends to settle on the fine lips of my lips as most matte lipsticks. This is my main issue with this particular shade. It doesn't wear off evenly as Mat 5 does. If I wear it longer than 4 hours, it would have completely worn off or flaked off.

To be honest it doesn't look as bad in person if you're not looking at it closely. I'd say this shade can take around 5hrs of good wear without drinking or eating. But if you use a lipliner prior application, and set it with a tiny amount of powder then it can go on longer.

To summarize this review here are what I think the hits and misses of this product:

intense pigmentation
glides on smoothly
feels creamy and comfortable on the lips for hours
takes hours before it feels dry on my lips
formulated without parabens

very expensive (1400php/L14.40/$25)
not transfer-proof
Mat 8 doesn't fade evenly

packaging: 5/5
longevity: 4/5
application: 5/5
pigmentation: 5/5
price: 3/5
Over-all rating: 4.4/5

Will I repurchase it again? Yes and try out the satin ones and other shades as well.

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